Leadership Team

Québec Linge® and Aramark have brought together two great leadership teams to facilitate the merger of our organizations and accelerate profitable growth. The team is identifying and adopting best practices to create a stronger, more efficient company that is able to provide even better quality and service to our customers.

image of Jason Cole

Jason Coyle, Vice President of Finance for Aramark Uniform and Refreshment Services

As Vice President of Finance for Aramark Uniform Services, Aramark Refreshment Services and Québec Linge. Jason Coyle oversees all finance and accounting functions, including the Financial Shared Service Center in Lexington. Since joining the company in 2004, he has held a number of finance and operations positions across multiple business units.

Prior to Aramark, Jason worked for several middle market start up and turn around organizations in various leadership roles. He holds a BA in English from Colgate University and an MBA from Villanova University.

Image of Brad Drummond

Brad Drummond, Chief Operating Officer of Aramark Uniform and Refreshment Services

Brad Drummond currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of Aramark’s Uniform and Refreshment Services. He provides overall leadership and fiscal oversight for Aramark Uniform Services, Aramark Refreshment Services, Aramark Uniform Services Japan and Québec Linge.

Before joining the company in 1999, Brad held positions with Deloitte Consulting and Black and Decker, and he also served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Captain. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the Naval Academy, an MS degree from the Naval Post Graduate School and an MBA from Loyola.

image of Al Ertz

Al Ertz, Vice President of Production

As Vice President of Production, Al Ertz is responsible for environmental, engineering and production in our plants, focusing on design, planning, and maintenance to improve operational reliability. His experience and commitment to quality, efficiency and availability supports production optimization and promotes continuous improvement across our plant operations.

Al joined the company in 1992 and has held various operations roles at Québec Linge, including Production Manager, General Manager, Director of Operations and Senior Director of Plant Operations. He has a BA in Management from Concordia University St. Paul.

image of Mike McFadden

Mike Fadden, President of Aramark Uniform Services

Mike Fadden currently serves as President of Aramark Uniform Services in the U.S. He has fiscal and operational responsibility for uniform operations, including the textile rental production operations, service and direct sale business.

Mike joined the company in 1995 and has served as General Manager, Group Leader, Group Vice President, Regional Vice President and Executive Vice President before assuming his current role in 2014. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Western Michigan University.

Image of Lynn Farrel

Lynn Farrell, Vice President of HR for Aramark Uniform and Refreshment Services

Lynn joined Aramark in 2012, and currently leads Human Resources for Aramark Uniform Services, Aramark Refreshment Services and Québec Linge.

Prior to joining the company in 2012, Lynn held a number of HR, Compensation and Benefits, and Information Management leadership roles at City of Hope National Medical Center, The Hartford Financial Services Group, United Healthcare, and Aetna. She received her BBA degree in Finance from the University of Iowa.

Image of Ryan Flattering

Ryan Flaherty, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Ryan Flaherty currently serves as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Aramark Uniform and Refreshment Services. He is responsible for leading growth strategy for the textile rental business, direct sales and national accounts.

Ryan has worked at the company since 2006 in several leadership roles, including Vice President of Regional Sales and Vice President of the Healthcare Sector. Prior to joining the company, he worked at Milliken & Company in a variety of sales, marketing and operations roles, and he has BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin.

Image of Steven John

Steven John, Vice President of Information Technology

Steven John joined the company in 2014 and currently provides overall IT leadership for Aramark Uniform Services, Aramark Refreshment Services and Québec Linge. He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the company’s technology systems, information management initiatives and digital strategy.

Prior to Québec Linge, Steven held leadership positions at Workday, H.B. Fuller, the Society for Information Management (SIM), First Health, CIGNA, Unisource and Transora. He holds a BA degree in Business Administration from the University of Utah and is a prolific industry speaker, teacher and mentor.

Image of Dave Rotman

Dave Rotman, Vice President of Systems Transformation

Dave Rotman is currently responsible for overall leadership of the company’s systems transformation, including analysis and integration of Québec Linge and Aramark’s processes and systems and the development and execution of the company’s transformation strategy.

Dave has worked in the industry since 2007 in various leadership roles. He has more than 30 years of project and systems management experience and previously held positions at Teleplan Wireless, Gelco Information Network, Wam!Net and 3M. Dave has a BA degree from the University of Minnesota. 

Image of Leo Smith

Leo Smith, Vice President of Systems Implementation

Leo Smith currently oversees the company’s efforts to integrate processes and technology systems across the organization. Working closely with IT and the Transformation Team, Leo leads the successful execution of our transformation strategy.

Prior to joining the company in 2009, Smith served as Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at Gelco Information Network and held senior leadership roles at Teleplan Wireless and Dataserv. He studied at Dunwoody Institute and is a graduate of the Minnesota Management Institute at the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis.

Image of Andrew Steiner

Andrew Steiner, President of Québec Linge

Andrew Steiner is President of Québec Linge and has fiscal and operational oversight for the company’s Canadian operations, including 35 production facilities and service centers. He comes from a long line of industry operators including his father, grandfather and great grandfather, and he has worked in the industry since 2001 in various marketing, sales, service and technology roles.

Prior to joining Québec Linge, he was the founder and owner of Blue Link Innovations, Inc. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago-Booth School of Management and a BSE degree from Princeton University.

Image of Art Wake

Art Wake, Vice President of Operations for Uniform Services

Art Wake oversees service systems, plant operations, fleet and supply chain for Aramark Uniform Services and Québec Linge. He is currently leading the integration and transformation of Aramark and Québec Linge.

Art joined the company in 1993 and has served in several leadership roles including District Manager, Supply Chain Manager, General Manager and Regional Vice President. Prior to joining the company, he worked for an industry competitor. He holds a BA Degree in Economics from the University of Oregon.

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