Billing & Invoicing

When it comes to billing and invoicing, Québec Linge's new Customer Portal is simply the easiest way yet to view and pay bills online, see a list of your services, and connect with your service team: it's available 24/7 through your computer, laptop or smartphone. 

In addition, our data management system makes precise billing an industry standard. By monitoring changes in your service program, we can make automatic adjustments and better manage your needs.

Handheld technology is another element of our service. Additional uniform wearers, exchanges, and inventory and size changes – we capture it all instantly on handheld devices when visiting your location.  


NEW online Customer Portal features include:   

  • Access to invoices to easily download
  • Ability to pay your invoices online
  • A current list of your services and products
  • Your next delivery date
  • Contact information for your customer service team 

Statement features include:     

  • Québec Linge contact information for assistance
  • Statement number, date and payment terms for your records   
  • Listing of invoice number, date, description and amounts; sub-totaled by delivery location - perfect for tracking budgets and reconciliation 
  • Current balance information and payment history for your last 4 payments

Streamlined invoices feature:   

  • Québec Linge contact information and remittance address 
  • Invoice number, date, service day and 'bill to' and 'deliver to' names and addresses   
  • Listings of wearers' names and delivered garments   
  • Bank, locker number and billed quantity for each wearer   
  • Employee number for each wearer, ideal for payroll deductions   
  • Additional service items listed separately      
  • Account balance information as of the date of the invoice   
  • Signed copies of your invoices available for reconciliation   


To easily access your billing and account information 24/7, visit the Customer Portal or contact the Accounts Receivable Office Monday through Friday, 7am-6pm CST at 800-675-6362.

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